There are many differences between the adjustable golf clubs on the market today. We are listing some of those differences below.

1. The Universal Club has a separate milled Putter Face with the correct    shaft lie angle and shorter shaft length . The Putter face can be set for up to 4 positions,  0,4,7 and 10, degrees. The Universal Club can also be used to putt like the other clubs, with the iron face.  

2. Our club uses a Stainless Steel Locking Lever. It has twice the leverage of plastic levers and is adjustable. The Lever can quickly be adjusted so that  it is hidden behind the shaft at address. There is no distraction.

3. The lever is caged  between the head and the coupler head. It cannot come off or change positions once it is set.

4. The loft angle numbers are within 1 degree of the standard iron lofts. Other clubs  are off up to 8 degrees depending on the iron setting.

5. The Universal golf Club has these main patented features and is the product of 30 years  trial and error to produce a club that is most similar to a full set of the finest golf clubs and be able to take the beating a golf club must take.


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