* D-2  Swing Weight  R- flex
* Peripheral Weighted Club Head

* Seperate milled Putter Face

* Travel Shaft - Steel or Graphite
* Adjustable lock lever Position
* 431 & 17-4ph Stainless Steel

* 38 Precise Golf Club lofts

 Iron loft settings on back of head

* Large precise Iron numbers

* 431 S.S. ratcheting Iron Dial
* Large loft nubers & loft degrees
* Lifetime Parts Guarantee
* 38 1/2 inch True Temper Shaft
4 putter loft settings.
         TOLL FREE

Milled putter face.

Play golf with the Universal Golf Club and walk easy. Have fun, enjoy nature, Speed play, and save dollars and fuel.

    Universal Golf Club        

You can be more consistent playing  Golf with   the  Universal  Golf  Club.  Enjoy  playing  golf without the  hassle of heavy clubs.  Play  with  just  one  precise   adjustable  golf  club  that does  it  all.  From a  0' putter to a 65'  wedge. All 38 lofts  dialed and locked solid in seconds.  You can be more consistent playing  Golf  with  the  Universal Golf Club.

The #1 adustable golf club
Low handicap golfers spend their time practicing their golf swing, they don't have trouble with the variables. The average golfer does. The club weight, shaft length, flex, torque and other
variables can affect your swing. By playing with 1 Universal Golf club you can eliminate these frustrating club variables because every iron shot is the same except for the loft and distance.